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Gilmore Girls Mondays: Week 3

Starting this month, along with my two online besties Molli and Jessica, I'm doing a Gilmore Girls rewatch-along. Every Monday I'll be talking about the episodes I watched each week, sharing my thoughts plus favourite quotes, scenes, etc. If you want to join in, you can tweet with us using the hashtag #GilmoreGirls, and if you want to join in the discussions, feel free to grab my graphic and create posts of your own, or just comment with your thoughts.
Episode 9: Rory’s Dance
Episode 10: Forgiveness and Stuff
Episode 11: Paris is Burning
Some really interesting stuff this week. First, in Rory’s Dance, Rory has her first dance at Chilton and she doesn’t want to go. She’s decided that she hates dances and they’re stupid and lame, even though she’s never actually been to one. Lorelai asked her if she really hated them or if it was just that she's afraid - she doesn't want Rory to miss out on experiences because she's afraid or too shy. This really spoke to me, because I was like that as a teenager, and unfortunately, I’m still like that with a lot of things. However, I did go to all the school dances, so that’s one thing!

When Emily came to see Rory off to the dance, that whole scene was just too funny. Between Rory coming out snarfing down a burrito with a napkin shoved into her dress, Emily taking pictures, and then making Dean come in so she could meet him, even though he and Rory had agreed he would honk and she’d go out…the whole thing was hilarious, embarrassing, and awkward in the best way possible. A lot of people have probably been through stuff like that, or if you haven’t, it’s done in a way that you can totally relate, which is what’s so great about this show. 

Then when Rory left and Emily decided to stay because Lorelai had hurt her back, we got to see a different side of Emily. A side that’s actually caring and - *gasp* - motherly. It was touching and funny at the same time. But, of course, nothing good can last where Emily and Lorelai are concerned, so when Rory and Dean accidentally fall asleep at Miss Patty’s and spend the whole night out, Emily freaks out. Lorelai has faith in Rory that nothing happened, but all Emily can see is the mistakes Lorelai made at Rory’s age, and she’s afraid she’ll end up pregnant. The difference is, Emily suffocated and controlled Lorelai, but Lorelai trusts Rory, and that trust has been a big factor in how Rory is turning out vs. how Lorelai did.

Then in Forgiveness and Stuff, we see Rory and Lorelai struggling after their fight. We’ve seen them argue and get mad at each other before, but not to this extent. It actually hurts to see them so angry at each other because they're supposed to be best pals, and you just want to see them make up.

Last week I mentioned I was annoyed by Dean’s attitude toward Lorelai, but this week, when Rory was gone to Christmas dinner at the grandparents' (from which Lorelai was uninvited), Dean came to see Rory and ended up talking to Lorelai. I liked that little scene - the writers of this show were so amazing at taking something serious and making you really get the significance of it while still making you laugh. I think Lorelai is seeing that Dean could be really good for Rory.

When Richard has a heart episode at dinner and has to be taken to the hospital, Luke takes Lorelai and stays with her. This is another bit I love - those little glimpses of the softer side of Luke that we've been getting so far were just a tease compared to the scenes at the hospital. He shows that he genuinely cares about the Gilmore girls, and that he pays attention, and has been paying attention all these years.

Emily is so cold and such a control freak, but she genuinely loves Richard, and that was nice to see. Some interesting character growth happening here for everyone!

In Paris is Burning, Paris’s parents are going through a nasty divorce, which makes Paris the talk of the school, which makes her even nastier than usual. So at parents' day when she sees Lorelai and Max making out in the classroom, she makes sure everyone in the school knows about it.

Lorelai and Max seem to be getting pretty serious, but when Rory inadvertently gets involved and suggests to Lorelai that they invite Max to go skating with them, Lorelai freaks out. Sookie (who asks Jackson out in this episode, which made me really happy!) points out that they’ve hit the two-month mark, which is about the time Lorelai starts to freak out in a relationship. I love their relationship, and I’m always glad to get these little glimpses of Lorelai through Sookie's eyes. Sookie is just so damn cute - I wish I had someone like her in my life. Rory and Lorelai too, of course...and Luke!

I was sad when Max and Lorelai decided to take a break. As I said last week, even though I'm a Luke girl all the way, I liked Max. And having watched the entire show and knowing what happens, I don't mind this little Max-shaped detour...the anticipation of waiting for Luke and Lorelai to get together was totally worth it. ;-) 

“I can't imagine anyone seeing you as a disappointment.” ~ Luke in “Forgiveness and Stuff”

“You have to look at what a gift says to the other person, not to you. Remember two years ago I got my mom that perfume? To me that said, ‘Mom you work hard. You deserve something fancy’. Now to my mother, it said, ‘Mom, here's some smelly sex juice...the kind I use to lure boys with’.” ~ Lane in “Forgiveness and Stuff”

What did you think of these three episodes? Which was your favourite? What were some of your favourite parts? Do you like Max? If you're watching along, what episode are you up to?

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