Monday, April 22, 2013

My impressions of Doctor Who, Series One

For ages, I saw people talking about Doctor Who on Twitter and Facebook. I had no idea what it was about, and honestly had no interest. Then, when I realized that the show was one of my closest friend’s favourites, I knew it was time to take an interest.

Luckily, my library had a copy of the first season. I was warned by several people on Twitter that it might take a bit of getting used to – that it was weird and campy and the effects were cheesy and a few other things – but that if I gave it a chance, I would love it...

They were right. The first couple episodes piqued my interest while also making me think ‘what the hell have I gotten myself into?’ Luckily I’m a fan of the wacky and weird, so I had no trouble giving it a chance, and promising that I’d at least watch the first season all the way through.

By the third episode, I knew there wouldn’t be a problem keeping that promise. I was hooked. Molli had warned me the show would cause a lot of feels, and I kept wondering how and when…and then I started to feel it by "Aliens of London", and I really started to become emotionally invested in the show. 

When it came to “Father’s Day”, I got kicked hard in the feels. I bawled like a baby. My dad died when I was ten, and even though it was under completely different circumstances, I’d give anything to have the chance to go back in time and see him again and say goodbye. I’m sure I would have gotten emotional regardless, but it hit me really hard, and that was the episode that bumped me from liking Doctor Who to loving Doctor Who.

I thought Rose was great. I did another post about this, but it was so weird seeing Billie Piper as Rose - I didn't even know she was an actress! I loved the interactions between Rose and The Doctor, and watching them figure each other out. It was obvious she got under his skin and really made him think, and I got giggly several times as their relationship progressed. And then there was Jack. Oh, Jack. What an awesome addition. I also grew to really like Mickey and Jackie, especially in the last episode when they helped Rose. 

I got so attached to The Doctor that I was dreading coming to the end. Most of the people I’ve talked to have said Ten is their favourite, and I’m sure I’ll love him too, but I got really attached to Nine. He was crazy and intense and manic, and the way he looked at Rose made my heart stop more than once. I bawled when he sent Rose away in the Tardis, and then cried even harder during his speech to her before he regenerated into Ten.*sigh*

So, yeah, I’m a convert. Can I officially call myself a Whovian after only one season?


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Anonymous said...

There are a few Doctor Who episodes that make me cry each time I watch. You'd think knowing what happens would keep me from crying, but it doesn't. I get just as emotional the second time as I did the first.