Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First road trip of the year

Since I hurt my back seven weeks ago, I haven’t done much or gone out (except for trips to the doctor and the grocery store). It’s been a long month and a half, and during that time my mum has taken amazing care of me. We share an apartment and normally split the work, but she’s done just about everything for me lately, and she’s just been so incredible. Last week after going to the doctor and finding out I should heal 100% given time, I wanted to celebrate, so I suggested to Amanda (my sister-in-law) that we take a little road trip and surprise Mum since she’s been so wonderful and hasn’t gotten to do much the last seven weeks either.

We didn’t really have a plan. I wanted to go to Bonnie Toggs (a kids clothing store - I want to start buying stuff for my niece, who’s due in June), and Amanda had been craving Saint Cinnamon (or, according to her, the baby has been craving it). I just love drives and I figured even if we did a couple things it would still be a change of scenery for all of us.

We ended up having to take Logan (my 3-year-old nephew), which was fine because he’s hilarious and a lot of fun. We told Mum we were going to WalMart and then as we headed for the highway we told her we were taking a small detour. Her confusion was pretty funny, I must admit!

All we ended up doing was going to the Mall because I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was to be walking around. I barely made it to the bathroom and then the food court, and after that we had to get a wheelchair because I just couldn’t walk any further. It was incredibly frustrating, but we still had fun, and it was a day away from the same ol’ same ol’.

I'm hoping this will be the first of many road trips in 2013, and that I'll be able to enjoy the next one more!

What did you do this past weekend? Have you been on a road trip yet this year?



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Jessica L. Tate said...

Aw! I'm glad you were able to get out of the house and have some fun instead of being shut in or just getting groceries. As time goes on, you'll have plenty more opportunities to get out and have fun. :)