Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting ~ #2

Oh, How Pinteresting! is hosted by Michelle over at The Vintage Apple. Here are some of the things that tickled my fancy this week:

One thing you need to know about me: I love U2. Tomorrow is Bono's birthday, and because his music has changed me, I thought this was fitting.

I've always wanted a secret passageway. Now, a secret passageway with all these books? Huge win.

True story...for this girl, anyway.

I love this. It's so airy and bright, and I can see curling up there and reading, working, napping, or just daydreaming.

Source: via Marie on Pinterest

So true. This makes me laugh every time I see it.

I need to try this! It's so beautiful and simple, and I have a few vases and glass jars that would be perfect for this. Now I just need to find the Pledge stuff (I've never seen that particular kind) and the glitter. When I do finally get around to trying it, I'll post my results here.

I love owls, and this is just too cute. Best part is, it looks like it would be pretty simple to make.

I'm in love with this. I can picture it in a bedroom that multiple children share, or for a teenager who has lots of sleepovers (I know I would have loved this as a teen). I can also picture it in a cottage, or in a party house where you have a lot of wild parties and don't want people to drink and drive - massive sleepover!

Source: Uploaded by user via Marie on 

Last week, my last picture was of Matt Davis. I decided that every week I'd end my Oh, How Pintersting! post with a bit of eye candy. I've been on a Matt Davis kick lately, so you're getting him two weeks in a row. ;-) He's just so yummy! I'm really nervous about the season finale of Vampire Dairies - they better not kill him off!

What were some of your fun finds this week?


Jessica S. said...

I tried to stay away from Pinterest, but I can't anymore! I just know I'll be in a constant loop for hours. I'll just have to learn self-control. :P I'm going to add you. :D

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pins, Marie!

The secret door/bookshelf is just like the one in a house one of my friend's built. No one ever knew unless they were shown, which was very cool.

I love the bunkhouse. It's such a clever design.

Oh, and thank you for the eye candy. Yum! :-)